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The Textile Souk is the place to buy the lush silks and fabrics that the Middle East is known for throughout the world. In narrow alleyways massive lengths of fabric of every possible description hang. All manner of people can be seen haggling for the best price; from the largest wholesaler to the exclusive tailor to the sole dressmaker.

The Souk is quite picturesque, the small shops which make up the Souk have wooden shutters and are draped in colorful fabrics. Whether you need a new suit, a snazzy evening dress or a traditional sari, you will find what you need in the textile Souk.

Most of the textiles on display are local specialties and cannot be bought anywhere else in the world. You can also find other ethnic clothing such as jeweled Arabic slippers and belly dancing costumes on the outer edges of the Souk.

If sewing is not your thing there are plenty of clothes for sale within the Textile Souk. If you are enticed by the beautiful fabrics of Dubai but lack the creative skills, let the local tailors do the work for you. Whether you are after traditional Arabic clothing or a modern evening dress, you’re sure to find something in the Textile Souk. If you don’t find what you need, don’t despair. Just purchase a skein of fabric that catches your eye and take it to one of the tailors that have set up shop within the Souk and let them work wonders. You’ll get your completed garment back within a couple of days.

The textile souk is open from 9am to 6pm every day except Friday.

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Textile Souk, Dubai



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