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   The History and Culture of Dubai

There are many wonderful attributes which bring visitors to Dubai such as the entertainment, cuisine and warm climate.  With that said, two other items are on the top of the list and these include history and cultural aspects of Dubai.  The region is rich with both of these features and people come from all over the globe to learn about the land and people who call Dubai home.


The Fascinating History of Dubai
Many may find it hard to believe but Dubai has only been in existence since the mid-1800's. Back in 1833, the Bani Yas tribe stumbled upon the area which is today known as Dubai. Originally consisting of only land and waterways, the beautiful city which is Dubai was a natural state when the Bani Yas tribe had the good fortune of finding their way there.

Due to the waterways, Dubai started to develop as an important port city. Around 1900, Dubai was seeing trades such as fishing, pearling and various other sea-related trades. On the land of Dubai, plentiful amounts of shops were set up, especially in the popular Deira region market which contained over 350 shops and were never at a loss for customers. The shops saw their share of visitors, businessmen and locals.

Because of the many wonderful aspects of Dubai, the population continued to grow. In fact, by 1930 Dubai had 20,000 individuals who called Dubai home. From that point forward, the benefits associated with living in Dubai grew as did its population.

Around the mid-1950's, Dubai began to experience problems with the creek's path. The creek started to silt but the ruler at that time, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, had a plan to fix the issue. He had the creek dredged and this is what ultimately fixed the problem and encouraged future seafaring business.

Cargo shipping and oil revenues helped to further expand the prosperity seen in Dubai. Transportation components expanded as did educational and medical facilities. From the 1960's onward, the progress began to expand and Dubai became known for its innovative measures and friendly living environment. After years of contemplating a collection of emirates, this notion became a reality when in 1971 Dubai joined with five other emirates and then gained an additional one a year later to form the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai also showed its true financial supremacy in the 1970's when it was named along with the other emirates as one of the richest countries. This was due largely in part to the visions of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan who was president of the UAE at that time.

It wasn't until the 1980's and 1990's when Dubai realized its full potential by becoming one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Filled with a vast array of entertainment options, top-notch accommodations and a safe environment, people throughout the world learned about the true vacation options present within Dubai and couldn't wait to experience all that Dubai had to offer them.

Today, Dubai is filled with locals, tourists and visitors who are there on business and the popularity is sure to continue for years to come. With new developments continually in the works and resorts which aim to please all who set foot within Dubai, it is easy to see just why individuals want to enjoy the Dubai experience.

Cultural Aspects of Dubai
Those who visit Dubai may not know all of the cultural aspects of the region therefore it is a good idea to learn about some cultural points of view prior to visiting Dubai. Sunni Muslims comprise a large majority of the resident population in Dubai. They follow either the Maliki school of Islamic law or the Hanbali school of Islamic law. For those who follow Hanbali, many of the individuals within this sector are UAE Wahhabis and are perhaps a bit more relaxed in their following of the religion than the Saudi Wahhabis but still maintain a straightforward belief and approach.

One who visits Dubai may be surprised to note that many individuals who call Dubai home are not UAE citizens at all. Many individuals living within Dubai are from other countries such as India, Iran and Pakistan, to name a few. This goes to show the desirable features which Dubai possesses as many find themselves making Dubai their home.

When you visit Dubai you will find that most people you encounter speak Arabic. With that said, many individuals throughout Dubai will converse in English. Farsi and Urdu are also spoken in various regions throughout Dubai.

With regard to the cuisine favored throughout Dubai, the delicious entrees that you will encounter are wide and varied. Items such as fava beans, chickpeas, lamb and chicken are widely used in recipes. Some of the recipe names you will frequently come across include fuul, falafel, houmos and shwarma. Alcohol is sold sparingly and only in certain hotels throughout Dubai as Muslims do not drink alcohol and it is largely only supplied for the benefit of Dubai visitors.




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