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   Dubai - Getting around the City

Visitors to Dubai will be treated to many things such as beautiful scenery, delicious cuisine and world-class entertainment. For those who want to experience all that they can in Dubai, getting around the city is an important concept. Fortunately, getting from place to place throughout the city is quite easy to do, mainly as a result of the smooth roadways and various transportation options. Here are some of the best ways to get around Dubai and truly see what this exotic location has to offer you.


Take a Taxi
When individuals go on vacation, many times they do not want to drive around town on their own and prefer to take taxis. For those vacationing in Dubai, this option is definitely available. There are a variety of taxi companies which operate throughout Dubai and many run around the clock on a 24-hour basis. The cost of taxi rides is also really reasonable, starting around AED 3 during the day and AED 3.50 at night. For the late night adventuresome types, the pick-up cost starts a bit higher at around AED 6.

Keep these numbers handy if you want to call a cab:
Cars Taxi - 800-4825
Dubai Taxi - 208-0808
Golden Taxi - 336-5444
Gulf Radio Taxi - 223-6666
Internite Taxi - 272-8299
National Taxi - 336-6611

Car Rental
Renting a car is another option to enable visitors to tour the city on their own accord. Local and international car rental companies offer their vehicles throughout Dubai. One who drives in Dubai must have an international driver’s license, credit card and passport to rent a car. If you don’t have an international driver’s license, you can get a temporary one quite easily if you have a current national license. Remember, when driving in Dubai, you will be traveling on the right side of the road. You may also want to see the "Car Hire" page for more information on car rental companies in Dubai.

Public Transportation
There is also a bus system which runs throughout Dubai. This is a more unpredictable type of transportation option as the buses will not run on time all the time. On the bright side, this type of public transportation is really affordable.

Water Taxis/Abras
If you want to travel between Dubai and Deira, a water taxi or boat, also called an "Abra", is a great way to go. In addition to being inexpensive, it is also a nice experience to view the area from the water.




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