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One of the prime spots to go in Dubai if you want authentic top of the line Arabic cuisine is Al Nafoorah. Located in the financial district of Dubai, Al Nafoorah is never short of diners. The ganoush is a favorite amongst patrons as is the hummus which is as fresh as can be. The restaurant interior itself is just as fine as the food which is served within. Classy, crisp and well worth the money, Al Nafoorah has it all.

Tel: +971 4 3198088 | Location: Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Al Qasr
Al Qasr is another sure hit on the top 10 list of Arabic cuisine choices. This restaurant specializes in Lebanese cuisine and the overall tone is filled with Arabic flair and delicacies. Known for its tender meat entrees and vast array of appetizers and desserts, Al Qasr is the perfect spot for lunch or dinner. If you would like to dine alfresco, the balcony area is a wise choice. Keep in mind that dinners at Al Qasr are fixed and complete menus but at lunchtime, anything goes.
Tel: +971 4 3461111 | Location: Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa, Jumeirah, Dubai
Al Basha
If you are searching for a dining experience which not only has Arabic cuisine but atmosphere as well, then a meal at Al Basha is the right choice. At Al Basha you can sit out on the terrace while taking in the beauty of Dubai as you dine on hearty grilled meats and watch the belly dancers perform. Start with a hot or cold starter dish and move on to the popular meat entrees for which Arabic cuisine is known.
Tel: +971 4 3995000 | Location: Habtoor Grand Resort and Spa, Dubai Marina, Dubai
Awtar is located in the Grand Hyatt Hotel which goes to show that this restaurant may be pricier than some other Arabic cuisine establishments. With that said, it can also be stated that this restaurant is worth the splurge. With a wide array of mezze and main entrees, impeccable service and lovely interior, Awtar definitely belongs on the top 10 list of places to dine on Arabic cuisines while in Dubai.
Tel: +971 4 3171234 | Location: Grand Hyatt Dubai, Oud Metha, Dubai
Café Arabesque
When looking at a restaurant in terms of menu selection, location and price, the Café Arabesque gets top marks all around. In addition to the usual Arabic fare, patrons can also take advantage of a salad bar and dessert bar, both of which satisfy the taste buds no matter what you may be craving.
Tel: +971 4 6021234 | Location: Park Hyatt Hotel, Dubai
Olive House
The Olive House is a unique restaurant for many reasons. One reason is that the superior food begins as soon as you sit down and start dining on the warmed pita bread, zaatar and labneh which is put before you. The baba ghanoush is a favorite as are the delicious varied meat platters which comprise your main course. Also, the fattoush is quite zesty and flavorful. From the time you sit down until the time in which your dining experience is complete, you will know that the owners of the Olive House aim to please.
Tel: +971 4 3433110 | Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
XVA Café
The XVA Café is a good choice for Arabic cuisine not only due to the food itself but also for the beautiful scenery which surrounds the establishment. Located in a courtyard area around engaging galleries, XVA Café provides a place for individuals to sit, dine and while away the day in lovely splendor. Some of the must haves regarding the cuisines include the mojardara, homemade houmous and house specialty burger. The XVA Café provides great Arabic cuisine for vegetarians and meat lovers alike.
Tel: +971 4 3535383 | Location: Bur Dubai, Dubai
Saj Express
If you are looking for a more casual, fast service eatery which still offers high quality Arabic cuisine, look no further than Saj Express. Located on Sheikh Zayed Road and always busy, one will find a wide array of food offerings at this restaurant and a good crowd as well. Chicken sharwarmas are always a hit as are the fattoush and lamb Saj sandwiches. Eat inside or dine alfresco…the choice is yours at Saj Express.
Tel: +971 4 3211191 | Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Although Ewaan is known for its prime location and relaxing atmosphere, the food isn't half-bad either. Some of the edible focal points of Ewaan include the mutabbal, beef and seafood entrees and expansive dessert section. Whether you are dining away looking out at the Burj Dubai or are staring deep into the eyes of your loved one, a visit to Ewaan is sure to end in pure happiness.
Tel: +971 4 4287888 | Location: The Palace, The Old Town, Downtown Bur Dubai
Café Bateel
The creation of the name behind the date company, Café Bateel goes beyond the simple date offerings and provides palatable menus for all. With date-inspired dishes and other delectable fare, Café Bateel is a place to stop, especially for the tasty desserts which Café Bateel boasts and diners keep coming back for time and time again.
Tel: +971 4 4210724 | Location: Al Manzil Hotel, Downtown Bur Dubai, Dubai



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